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EBOX® is a place where talented and hardworking people can fully reach their potential. In a challenging yet friendly atmosphere, EBOX® offers exciting opportunities for professional, personal and cultural growth.

Our people are envisioned to create a global community that thrives on learning, diversity and challenge. We envision the growth of EBOX® in the form of semi-independent units, each with its set of competencies and domain experience. These units can collaborate on projects to deliver the full value of our services. Basing the company’s organization on this model allows us to create a much focused, entrepreneurial spirits in each of these units and avoid the “assembly line” model of bigger companies.

This helps us retain our closely-knit environments where people feel in control of what they are doing.

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If you enjoy challenges and have a passion for technology, send us your CV by registering with our sister company ECSA Hire & Higher, including a completed application form.