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Having good people and a real sense of teamwork has been one of EBOX Solutions’ key strengths since its inception over 5 years ago.

Today EBOX is backed by a team of enthusiastic, committed and forward-thinking professionals. All our members are diverse, but they have one thing in common – their talent and persistent desire for self-improvement as well as their willingness to contribute to the company success. We create the kind of climate where personal growth is expected, recognized and rewarded.

Led by General Manager Ms. Banan Abutair, the EBOX team has the right mix of experience, vision and technical awareness.

Our philosophy of delivering efficiency driven IT projects on time and to budget is evident across the team. Whichever EBOX’s member you deal with, you are guaranteed strong technical skills, business awareness and finely tuned project management skills.

As well as being technically knowledgeable, all members of our team are friendly and approachable. We are always happy to assist clients and offer advice where possible.

The most important factor of all is that our team beats with ONE HEART!