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3C is a leading intelligent customer engagement solution, a product of eBox Digital Business Solutions based in Riyadh, K.S.A. 3C provides customer engagement solution to a variety of businesses in the Saudi market through web interface that facilitates real-time assistance and expert advice. It connects client businesses and experts with customers seeking help on the web.

3C creates meaningful connections by engaging customers in real time through the right channel, maximizing customer satisfaction and retention. It also leads to customer satisfaction and retention and optimizes agent resources.

3C proactively engages visitors with customized solutions for text chat, voice, Ticketing system and knowledgebase.

Our solution helps businesses make a larger impression. For websites with low-to-high traffic, the solution delivers

an affordable and easy-to-deploy online sales & support channel that provides valuable real-time insights on visitor behavior. The system allows centralized depository with ability to give sales & support to end user from in-house team or an outsourced Human Resource with 3C operator.

3C enables client website to offer customer engagement services without installing any software or hardware equipment. Client website is integrated with a code to offer one window customer engagement package.

3C products include:

  • Chat: 3C provides visitors with personalized online assistance when they need it. Explain product or services options and answer support related questions. Basic chat and intelligence features for

          businesses with low site traffic and limited agent resources.

  • Voice: Leverage the power of voice and data intelligence to deliver a seamless connection between your website and voice channel. Engage your visitors at key decision points in their visit; to acquire and onboard new customers more successfully, prevent attrition, and provide a higher level of service to your most important customers. Whether they have product questions, or need customer service, 3C Voice puts an immediate - and appropriate - representative on the voice to them.

  • Ticketing System: The "thank you for your interest" message is not enough today. Assure your customers that you have the procedure and no question will go into a black hole. 3C Ticketing

system will automatically produce easy to follow instructions how to submit follow-up messages and monitor ticket progress. Then it will broadcast e-mail notifications to all service operators announcing new customer inquiry.

  • FAQs (Knowledgebase): 3C Knowledgebase is developed to support and enhance the organizational processes of knowledge creation, storage/retrieval, transfer, and application. 3c Knowledgebase is commonly used to complement a help desk or for sharing information among customers, partners, employees. It might store troubleshooting information, articles, white papers, user manuals, or answers to frequently asked questions.

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